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Commercial Passenger Flow Analysis System

Commercial Passenger Flow Analysis System


The passenger flow statistical analysis system comprises a vehicle-mounted equipment module and an out-vehicle equipment module, wherein the vehicle-mounted equipment module adopts a specialized vehicle-mounted antiseismic design and consists of a camera, a passenger flow statistical analysis instrument, a video monitoring/GPS (Global Positioning System) dispatching all-in-one machine and a gate controlled switch; and the out-vehicle equipment module comprises a monitoring center, a GPS satellite and the like.

Brief introduction

The passenger flow statistical analysis instrument achieves passenger flow statistics by adopting the following two methods: the bus passenger flow statistics accuracy above 90 percent is ensured by giving priority to the video-based passenger flow statistics method supplemented by the statistics method based on the infrared detection technique, and the obtained statistical data is wirelessly transmitted to the monitoring center to achieve analysis, statistics and storage, so as to achieve intelligent bus dispatching.


The invention discloses a passenger flow analysis system. In the system, a camera head transmits shot video data to a video analysis server; the video analysis server transmits the analyzed data to a data center server for being processed; and a reporting system which can generate data reports according to statistical passenger flow volume, transaction amounts and transaction turnover and other data is arranged in the data center server. The invention can reflect rich passenger flow information to support managers to make scientific decisions according to different statistical data and graphs, wherein the passenger flow information includes passenger flow volume, gender character, passenger flow time character, passenger flow speed character, purchase volume and percent conversion, passenger flow volume difference among ordinary days, weekends and holidays, passenger flow volume time distribution, historical passenger flow comparison, historical year-on-year passenger flow comparison.


Dynamic flow statistics

Service stability It can provide enterprise-level stable and accurate large flow service, with millisecond identification response capability and 99.9% reliability guarantee

Motion flow statistics

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