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BesTom release M-serial SOM

Author: admin on: 05-05-2022

Before the 5.1 holiday, bestom released M-series SOM, including: commercial regulations:M30/M66/M68/M99/M7,

Industrial version:M58J/M68J/M99K/M7J, 

This design will bring high performance, high reliability and a new design mode for SBC HMI to partners, provide a stable and reliable development environment of open source Android and liunx + Debian + python (QT) for series SOM synchronization, and bring new choices to partners suffering from the tight supply of raspberry PI.

Since its establishment in 2012, bestom has been committed to the field of intelligent hardware products, providing customers and partners with full life-cycle services from design concept to product realization, production and manufacturing to after-sales service, ”Creating better “of is our mission. In the future journey, we will use our ability and wisdom to create lower power consumption and more intelligent hardware products, and bring our bestom people’s actions for the sustainable development of the earth and carbon neutralization. M series will bring a faster and reliable software and hardware platform for the industry and partners, so that our partners can design more specifically for the needs of the scene, make groundbreaking design, and provide more valuable products for the market And services.

In the second half of the year, we will release highly reliable vehicle regulation products and M88 m88s 8nm high accounting power products.

Bestom has set up branches in Shenzhen / Xiamen / Taipei / the United States, and Q3 will also set up partners in Europe to provide localized and rapid response services for global customers.

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