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Design Service

Through years of accumulation, the company has formed a relatively complete ability to design, develop, test and produce products. BesTom handled all developments that we patnered on very professionally. The team is flexible,fast and definitively phenomenal partner for us.When working with a development partner, we find it important that the developers get along well. Working with BesTom has been a positive experience all around.

  • Custom hardware

    Custom Carrier Board Design Offload your carrier board design to BesTom Engineering to receive first article prototypes quickly and reduce risk by leveraging our knowledge of the System on Module to accelerate schematic capture, PCB layout, and design verification.

  • Manufacturing

    High quality and phenomenal reliability in electronic manufacturing. Customize your SOM or build your carrier board using BesTom manufacturing services that have an annual production throughput of nearly one million Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) at our in-house plant and partner facilities.

  • Software

    BesTom offers software engineering services to develop customized Board Support Packages for your specific application.

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