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Smart medical devices solution

Smart medical devices solution


The medical industry will integrate more high and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and sensing technology, so as to truly realize the intellectualization of medical services and promote the prosperity and development of the medical industry. In the context of China’s new medical reform, with the new medical reform and the ability improvement plan of township doctors, smart medicine is entering the life of ordinary people. Intelligent medical system consists of three parts: intelligent hospital system, regional health system and family health system.


Brief introduction

In the process of unified treatment, doctors actively input, patients passively accept, and doctor-patient communication is relatively blocked. Remote telemetry intelligent diagnosis and treatment workbench is an intelligent, humanized and warm health management platform to improve doctor-patient communication experience. It is committed to providing “medical examination + health service” and “overall medical examination + health solution” for users.


1. Integrate and apply innovative technologies such as health management software, AI and cloud computing through terminal detection equipment such as health management integrated machine and remote telemetry intelligent workbench.


2. Realize the “interconnection and integration” of data among medical community members, institutions and platforms, and platforms, and the “co construction, sharing and sharing” of information.


3. Build a digital and intelligent medical community, improve the service level of intelligent management, and provide residents with life-cycle health management services.





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