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Smart Education Technology

Smart Education Technology


This framework has a layered structure. New or improved teaching methods are at the core layer. We categorize educational information and communication technologies into three categories. These are essential/transforming technologies, enriching technologies, and supportive technologies.

Brief introduction

These categories form the layers of the smart education framework. In the following sections, we explain the framework and how the framework is used for smart education designs. We also provide two examples of smart education designs. To validate the framework, we conducted a systematic literature review investigating smart education system (SES) implementations and proposals. Our analysis shows that the smart education framework has the capability to describe all identified SESs as the result of the literature search.



Kids on-line review assigment/Career developing online training

Class on-line training course

Lesson on-site and on-line lesson communication via internet

study helper notebook for class lesson

elder re-eduacation course with the help of Smart Education

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