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Sony officially released a new shotgun microphone ECM-B10 this evening

Author: admin on: 06-15-2022

On June 14th, Sony officially released a new shotgun microphone ECM-B10 this evening, which will be available in mid-July at a price of 1999 yuan.

In terms of ID design, Sony ECM-B10 adopts a compact and compact design. The length of the radio unit is about 79.3mm and the weight is only about 72g. The microphone can be directly connected to the body through the Mi multi-interface hot shoe, and the body can directly supply power to the ECM-B10. , there is no need to worry about the failure of the radio due to the insufficient power of the microphone when shooting.

Sony said that the ECM-B10 uses beamforming technology, which can perform digital signal processing on the sound collected by four high-performance microphone units, and can enhance the directivity of the sound in different directions to customize the audio recording mode. Three selectable directivity modes are available, including strong directivity (supercardioid), single directivity (cardioid) and omnidirectional.

From left: strong directivity (supercardioid), monodirection (cardioid), omnidirectional

In addition, the microphone supports digital signal processing to reduce noise and make the sound more clear. The microphone adopts the Mi multi-interface hot shoe design and supports two signal modes of analog and digital signal transmission.

ECM-B10 also provides more professional functions, as follows:

ATT (ATT Attenuator Switch): 0 dB/10 dB/20 dB.

FILTER (noise reduction/low cut mode switching): NC (noise reduction)/LC (low cut)/OFF (off).

AUDIO LEVEL (audio auto/manual mode switching): AUTO (automatic)/MAN (manual).

DIGITAL/ANALOG (digital signal/analog signal switching): DIGITAL (digital)/ANALOG (analog).


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