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Choosing an Operating System


No single operating system is right for every application, so we can help you choose the best OS to suit you

Linux (including Ubuntu, Buildroot, Yocto)
Windows (including EC, CE, WES)

    Real-time operating systems (such as FreeRTOS)Our extensive experience with different ‘flavours’ of the Linux      operating system allows you to enjoy lower costs by avoiding license fees from other operating systems.


    Software Experience


    We have experience developing BIOS, bootloaders (such as U-Boot and RedBoot), firmware, drivers, operating systems and applications for a variety of systems and connections, including:

    x86 (PC), ARM and MIPS-based processors and microcontrollers 

    Serial Communications, such as:
    USB, CAN, SPI, RS232, RS422, RS485, I2C, ProfiBus, Ethernet, 1 wire, etc
    RF Communications, such as:
    2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Custom, etc
    Storage, such as:
    DDR3, NAND Flash, eMMC, SATA, PATA, Compact Flash, SD, E2PROM, etc
    FPGAs, PLDs, etc
    and many, many more…

     We have more specialised expertise in low-level operating systems and device drivers, as well as Linux for embedded applications.


    Your Software Runs on BesTom Hardware


    There are many reference platforms available for you to base your next design on. These reference designs only get you so far.   At some point in your hardware design you will want to be creative and not be  concerned with deviating from the reference. Deviations could include changing processor variants, components, adding high-speed  peripheral buses, reducing board size, reducing power, etc. All of these hardware changes means that you must also change the  reference software that was supplied. This is where BesTom can help. At BesTom we have years of working with creative hardware designs and custom software.

    Deploy BesTom SOMs and SBCs as a hardware platform to base your next design on. Deviations including processor variants, memory components, and support of interfaces on our reference platform are all handled by BesTom allowing you to focus on your core competencies and integration of your application. 


    Customized and Complete Offfering 


    All customized Software Components.
    Complete Documentation
    Flexible Delivery
    Production Ready
    Modern Build Environments
    Platform Optimization


    Ongoing Support


    Our software engineers are involved throughout the development of your product and continue to provide support after the initial product has been developed. Unlike other OEMs and CEMs, our engineers are accessible and approachable, willing to help you reach your software goals.


    If you have any questions about our software design service or need assistance with a custom solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have questions? We have answers!