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Custom hardware

BesTom has years of deep domain expertise in schematic capture, layout, validation, test, and other areas of microelectronic design. With an extensive library of circuitries, layout stack-ups, modular test infrastructure and other re-usable hardware blocks, we can efficiently design complex and exceptionally reliable embedded hardware. Engage our services to accelerate development, reduce risk and achieve exacting quality in end-application hardware.

    The Expertise to Work as an Extension of your Team
    Custom Carrier Board Design

    Microprocessor Architecture

    Circuitries and interfaces

    8- and 16-bit microcontrollers
    DSPs, FPGAs, PLDs, glue logic, security chipsets, RTCs, Power Management
    Memory and Storage interfaces: SSD, SATA, Nor-Flash, Nand-Flash, SPI-Flash, SDRAM, DDR4, SD/SDIO/MMC
    Multi-media: Audio, Video, Camera
    Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, PCle, SATA
    Interfaces:UART, SPI, I2C GPIO, A/D, D/A, and analog
    Sensor and Actuators: Time of Flight (ToF)

    Schematic Capture
    Low EMI design
    Advance Power management
    Junction temperature sensing and thermal management

    PCB layout
    Mixed speed and signal technology
    High-speed digital and analog design
    Low EMI/RFI design
    μBGA, fine pitch, PoP (package-on-package), microVia PCB μBGA,,dual-die, fine pitch, PoP(package-on-package),microvias PCB technology, passive small components packaging.
    Power rail separation, Power over Hours (PoH) analysis
    High-density, Multi-layer,small form factor PCBs.
    EMI : Signal integrity analysis.
    Advanced simulation,3D modeling and pre-compliance testing.

    (DfM) Design for Manufacturability.
    Mass production plan
     Low cost solution
    Product testing: electronic testing, functional testing, boundary scan testing
    Nail bed design

     Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)
    (SOM / COM): (DSC)(Samtec,Molex)System on Modules / Computer on Modules (SOMs / COMs) CPU subassemblies with Direct Solder Connect (DSC) or board-to-board connections (Samtec, Molex) to target hardware
    Single Board Computers: either as a SOM/Carrier Board combination or as a “flat design” with CPU and interface circuitry and connectors on a single PCB

    Product Development Process
    Initial workshop
    During the initial workshop we study the requirements and offer a solution or a Feasibility study if more research is needed.

    Feasibility study
    Feasibility studies area great way to research possibilities, how much design effort is needed and at what price.

    Specification clearly defines what will be delivered and guides the development process.

    Prototyping phase
    The outcome of the prototyping phase is a device which has the same form, fit and function as the production device.

    Verification phase
    This phase is a crucial part of development in which device operation is rigorously tested against the specification.

    Industrialization phase
    This phase prepares the device for manufacturing. It includes mould construction, test jig development, certification etc.

    Final Acceptance Test
    FAT is conducted to ensure that requirements from the specification or contract are met.

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